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Registering PDUs for AgileByExample 2013

We were asked by some of you, who are PMI members if it’s possible to get PDUs for participating in AgileByExample.

We’ve managed to make that possible and here are the guidelines on how to register the PDUs.

Go to:

Fill out the form according to these guidelines:

  • Category: C
  • Participation in a conference: AgileByExample 2013
  • Number of PDUs:

12 PDU for the conference
6 PDU for the dojo

  • Proof:

The final Thank You mail from the organizers works as a proof and the agenda on the website shows number of hours spent:

  • Provider: SoftwareMill, Touk

If you still have questions, please write to:

ABE at Play & App Stores

Thanks to help of DeSmart we are launching ABE apps for Android and iOS. The app for Android is available now, you can download it here, and app for iOS is being accepted by Apple for the last week and we hope it will be available later today. Stay tuned on our twitter channel to find out when it is available.

Anyway, all the credit goes to DeSmart, producers of Conventica app, you can find more about them here.


How to get around

As there are only two days left to ABE and some of you might already be planning on how to get there, we’ve prepared something to make it easier.

Go to the Venue page where you will find a quick guide on how to get around in Warsaw and specifically how to get to the conference.
See you there!

Play with us to win Scrumbay licence

We would like to inform you that during AgileByExample 2013  our sponsor, Scrumbay, will hold a competition with the main prize being the licence for the  full version of the tool. Scrumbay is both a tool supporting the management of Agile projects and advanced bug tracker. To participate in the competition, you need to visit  the Scrumbay stand in the Kino Praha between October 16-17th and answer a few easy questions about Scrum. We invite you to participate!

Time to party!

AgileByExample is about bringing the agile community together – so let’s network and talk and meet new people like there’s no tomorrow!

There will be two after parties providing a great opportunity to do just that:

1st day (16.10.2013)

Starts: 7PM

Where: Bazar club (just across the street from Kino Praha, ul. St. Okrzei 26)

View Bazar Klub in a larger map

Food and three drinks are provided by the organizers.


2nd day (17.10.2013)

Starts: 9PM

Where: Kosmos, Kosmos (Koszykowa 55)

View Larger Map

We have a reservation, but food and drinks are on you this time.

See you there!

Registration for Dojo – rules

Here are the rules for dojo registration. It is long but if you want to participate in the dojo on Friday please read it carefully.

During ABE registration you told us whether you are interested in LeanAgile Dojo on October 18th. Some said “Yes“, some said “No“, some said “Sorry – sold out“. We blocked Dojo registration after 170 people due to lack of rooms and trainers. Further on all registrations with “Sorry – sold out” option are treated as registrations with “No” option.

Around two weeks ago everybody in the “Yes” camp was asked to tell us which four workshops they prefer so that we could optimize the registrations. We got 100 answers out of which 85 were valid – 15 were made by people who either have not paid for the tickets (at that time) or who were not in the “Yes” group. This form was available for a week.

Taking 85 workshop preferences we made some spreadsheet magic and calculated the optimum solution that maximizes your value. We also took into consideration the order in which you registered. The final value of our spreadsheet magic is 1,650,320. Out of 85 people we were able to satisfy 76 morning preferences and 79 afternoon preferences, all remaining people were registered to their secondary preference. There’s only one person registered to both secondary preferences. So far so good.

Thanks to Jakub Nabrdalik from TouK, who is also one of the trainers at ABE13 we created simple web app that we will use for the rest of the registration process. The app is available at At the moment you can check the current status of our workshops (how many free slots are available). And if you are one of the 85 people who said Yes during registration to ABE and participated in voting for preferences you can use email you provided to check which workshops are you registered to. Please do so.

Everybody else won’t be able to login to the system (though you can still check the availability of workshops on the main page). If you see the cat it is not a bug, it means you either didn’t buy ticket with dojo or you did not fill the preference form.

On Monday, October 14th, at 12:00 everybody who registered for Dojo during ABE registration (said Yes when buying the ticket) will be unlocked. You will be able to register to any workshop that is still available. Please do so, as I think we closed registration  for Dojo a little bit too late (170 registered and we have 165 slots available for morning workshop session). Although I know that some people who said Yes will not be going, so it should be ok. But do not hestiate with this registration.

Finally, during the first day of the conference on Wednesday, October 16th, we will announce that all ABE participants can join workshops, depending on their availability. It will be announced after one of the sessions, so better be in the main conference room.

Please remember that this app has been prepared in very short time, so expect some exceptions in the edge cases. In case the major usecases don’t work please contact us at Also, due to no security in the application it is not possible to unregister from a workshop – choose wisely.

PMI joins ABE13 as Honorary Patron

Last but not least we would like to welcome PMI as an Honorary Patron of AgileByExample 2013!

PMI Poland Chapter is polish branch of Project Management Institute. PMI is the most important profession organisation of project management, it has over 300 000 members all over the world.  The guide of project management knowledge (PMBOK®Guide), issued by PMI, is the most recignizable publication of this matter in the world.
PMI PC is supporting the project management profession in Poland  and its involvement in social projects, organization of 66 events in 7 cities, which attracted over 4600 participants. More:

Code Sprinters becomes the Popcorn Sponsor :)

We are happy to announce that together with Code Sprinters we managed to provide the participants of ABE13 with the popcorn service.

As Code Sprinters write about themselves, they are Poland’s most experienced experts in the field of Agile and Scrum Coaching.

If you are looking for a Scrum training, if you want to make high quality software, if you are looking for someone to support your team during an Agile transformation – they are here to help you! Their portfolio includes many training programs and workshops:

  • Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner, Professional Scrum Foundations and Professional Scrum Developer – get the most recognized, respected certificates signed by
  • Scrum – The Agile Method – get the knowledge that will allow your team to work more efficiently and to explore all the secrets of Scrum.
  • Test Automation – save your time and writethe code which is more than perfect.
  • Test-Driven Development – test first, suffer less!
  • Agile Testing – find out what does testingmean in Scrum and Agile.
  • Agile Kickstart – let’s go through the difficult beginnings of the implementation of Agile and Scrum together. With tchem it’s painless. Almost.
  • Agile Coaching – they can help your team understand what is Agile and how to improve their way of working.

Thanks to their extensive in-house expertise and unmatched network of practitioners they can also provide additional, tailored training, coaching and consulting services to suit your needs.

Please visit for more details, pricing information and training agenda.

Allegro Group becomes Golden Sponsor

Please everybody welcome Allegro Group as AgileByExample 2013 Golden Sponsor!

Allegro Group is a multinational e-commerce company operating in 25 countries around the world, but mainly in Central and Eastern Europe including: Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Baltic States and Turkey. Allegro Group employs over 6500 people and owns and operates over 100 e-commerce related websites. Activities of the company are focused on e-commerce platforms for consumers enabling easy and safe online transactions in four business segments: marketplaces, e-tail, classifieds, and payments.

Welcome Jakub

Unfortunatelly one of our speakers, John Peebles, won’t be able to get to Warsaw for ABE13. We were really looking forward to seeing John speak about product development, but we will have to wait till next year :)… Having said that, please welcome…

Jakub Szczepanik, the head of Agile Centre in Allegro Group, who will describe five flavors of Scrum adoption in Allegro Group in his “Five-Spice Scrum in Allegro Group“… Jakub hasn’t spoken at ABE yet but he gave a great talk closing the last season of Agile Warsaw (btw video is available on AW YouTube channel), so we are happy to see him join the speakers team at ABE13.

Even more, we agreed with Tom Gilb, that he will help us remember, that “Agility is the Tool, not the Purpose“.

We are still working hard on one surprise for all of you, still not sure if we can make it happen, but chances are increasing, so stay tuned to more news!

Welcome Tom Gilb

Hello everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that Tom Gilb, the grand daddy of agile, will speak at ABE13. Tom lets us choose a topic from the vast number of his talks and we just cannot decide! We’ll announce that shortly.

Beside that Tom will do a paid one day Agile Requirements workshop on Friday, October 18th.  The core of this course is the noble art of quantification of the most essential requirements, the core reasons for your project. This quantification capability is missing from other agile methods, and means they do not explicitly home in on the core needs of the critical stakeholders. This is the key to customer communication, design evaluation and project management for real results.

Who should attend? Anybody who needs to know about requirements. Aimed mainly at project members so that they understand good requirement practices in the Agile Gilb-Evo method. We are expecting practicing software engineers, working on real projects.

The workshop will cost 1000 PLN + VAT. If you are interested in attending please contact us as soon as possible at (The workshop will be cancelled if we cannot find at least 5 attendees.)

Agenda available

The conference agenda is finally available! Check out the order of talks and your options for dojo workshops. Agenda is available in the menu on top of the page.

Comparing to previous editions we are introducing lightning talks panel – an hour of TED style mindblowing and inspiring sessions.

We still have two hours of content to be announced for day two – we cannot announce it yet but have high expectations,

We’ll also announce the hours of the dojo as soon as we have it confirmed, but all workshops will be 3 hour long with a long lunch break between.

We are almost sold out for LeanAgile Dojo


As for now we are almost sold out for dojo. If all already booked tickets will be payed for the dojo is unavailable.

Therefore, if you book now bear in mind that you might not get a ticket for dojo.

If you have already booked a ticket but haven’t payed yet do it as soon as possible. Moment of payment will be important.

As soon as all 170 tickets for dojo will be confirmed to be sold out we’ll announce that and contact everybody that did not make it.

If you will have a dojo ticket we’ll be contacting you soon with a link to a poll where you will be able to tell us which workshops you prefer. Based on your votes we’ll maximize satisfaction trying to serve as much of you as possible with the preffered workshops.

Welcome Krzysztof, Pawel & Tomasz x2

Last group of the dojo trainers are confirmed… Please welcome:

Krzysztof Jelski, who will do a session on “Impact Mapping“, a technique that some of you must remember from a last year’s talk.

Pawel Felinski will train us how to “Facilitate Conflict“, something that every team and everybody has to do more often than we’d like to.

Tomasz Wykowski will introduce us to Systems Thinking in his “Beer Game“. We will practice the thing first during ABE party but on dojo day we’ll have a possibility to understand the theory behind it :).

Tomasz Lasica will help you “get Kanban with getKanban” game.

There’s just a few tickets left with dojo entry so do not hesitate & register now!

Gemius becomes Silver Sponsor

Please welcome Gemius as our Silver Sponsor…

Gemius is a Polish research & technology company established in 1999. Its mission is to provide thorough knowledge of the Internet market as well as consulting service to support key decision-making regarding actions taken on-line.

During the several years in operation, Gemius has earned the position of a leader in Poland and achieved international success. It is currently present on 30 markets, and its solutions are a standard on the majority of them, i.a. in Denmark, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The knowledge, many years of local and international experience and the passion allow them to compete successfully with the biggest Internet companies in the world.

Gemius creates their own technology of processing and storing data. They store hundreds of billions of records in their systems and process hundreds of terabytes of data. They are also very fond of technology- they share their knowledge and solutions, e.g. in form of open-source MooseFS.

Welcome Joy & Mateusz

Please welcome…

Joy Kelsey who will tell us about a place where many of us have been… “Scrum-buts and how to remove them“.

And two more trainers that will deliver workshops on day three…

Mateusz Srebrny will facilitate a workshop about Story Mapping.
Marek Kirejczyk, besides his talk, will give us another opportunity to practice Test Driven Development, this one using Ruby.


We are happy to welcome Interia as our Media Partner!

INTERIA.PL Group is a part of international media company – Bauer Media Group. Bauer Group is the biggest polish publisher and INTERIA.PL Group is one of the most popular polish website.

INTERIA.PL Group is a part of market in new technology with unique knowledge of Internet technologies. INTERIA.PL Group offers horizontal portal INTERIA.PL with thematic websites (sport, news, business, estates, woman, man) and other special websites, like: (website offers concepts on interior decoration), (website for models and photographers) or (luxury vortal for women).

INTERIA.PL Group is a leader on polish online advertising market. The company offers innovative solutions for marketers and other competitors of polish business. INTERIA.PL Group offers lots of technologies for business, based on some solution which are used  every day in websites of INTERIA.PL.