Why should I attend the AgileByExample conference?

The conference will be focused on pragmatic solutions to common problems a team or organization can face when adopting Agile. You will find here:

  • case studies
  • examples of adopting particular practices
  • practical advice about agile adoption
  • failure examples with reasons explained
  • techniques to maintain project codebase in a clean and well-tested shape
  • practical productivity tips

No matter which position you have at the moment joining the event may help you become a part or driving force of an agile change in your organization.

Early Bird (only 20 tickets!)
June 2013
July – September 15th, 2013
Late Bird
September 16th – October 15th, 2013
Last Minute
Once all planned tickets are sold out
95 EUR + VAT
400 PLN + VAT
165 EUR + VAT
700 PLN + VAT
210 EUR + VAT
900 PLN + VAT
260 EUR + VAT
1100 PLN + VAT
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NOTE: All payments will be charged in PLN