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Antti Kirjavainen

@anttiki http://learninggamedev.wordpress.com/

As an agile coach at Houston Inc., Antti helps clients such as The Nordea Bank and Yle, the Finland's National Public Service Broadcasting Company as well as Houston's own development teams and leaders to get results working together towards shared goals.

He has worked with software R&D since 1998 and with Agile since 2006. Antti has a wide range of interests: product development, lean-agile software development, game design, and designing organizations to support knowledge work better.

Antti is also an executive committee member of Agile Finland association.

Daniel Skowronski

Daniel Skowroński

@_skowronski http://management30.pl

He is specialist in design, development and management of complex IT projects. Daniel for many years was involved in the development of software products. He experienced the development process from many sides: developer, architect, analyst, project and product manager. He is technical expert in Microsoft .NET Framework also being MCT. Going even further Daniel dived deep into Agile, Kanban and also Management 3.0 oceans.

In 2011 discouraged by the pain suffered by organizations trying to use traditional management models in the modern world, he decided along with his associate Michał Parkoła, to spread better solutions by forming Fluid Circle - www.fluidcircle.net – coaching, consulting and training company. Solutions that radically improve satisfaction of all stakeholders: customers, business owners, suppliers, partners and teams.

Jakub Nabrdalik

Jakub Nabrdalik


Most of my professional life, I worked in software houses (zeto, smi, k2), writing thin client dedicated applications for external customers, in languages like Groovy, Java, C#, PHP, and using plethora of technologies. Mostly eCommerce, CMS, ERP, Telco, Mobile Banking, and Data Management Systems. Since 2007 I work for TouK, an extremely agile software house with very wide area of expertise, as a Solution Architect. Here I do everything from analysis, programming, modeling, architecture, coaching to managing projects. I wrote a small book ("Spring Security Starter"), I speak at conferences (Confitura, Javarsowia, 33rd, Topconf...), events (Gitkata, Testkata) and groups (WJUG, Agile Warsaw). I help organize some of them. My focus is on Software Craftsmanship, readability, maintainability, and making everything easy. I've been using TDD since 2005.


Jakub Szczepanik


Kuba is the Agile Centre Manager in Allegro Group, responsible for supporting agile project teams. Successfully supported transition to scrum and now coaches groups where agile works for several years. He has experience as a Scrum Master and Project Manager in software development projects. Fascinated by the change happening in organizations that introduced agile, determined to expand the boundaries of agile outside IT and product development.


Jeff Sutherland

@jeffsutherland http://scruminc.com/

After graduating from the military academy at West Point, Jeff served as a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War, and after returning home, he continued his studies for a Master's Degree mathematics, statistics and computer science at Stanford and a Ph.D. in radiology from the University of Colorado, where he then worked as a researcher and lecturer.

In 1983, he moved to the IT industry, where he held various leadership roles (CTO, VP of Technology) in organizations implementing complex IT projects. The experience gained during this time led him to the creation of Scrum, which was first presented in 1995 at the OOPSLA conference.

Since then, Jeff continued his work as a manager, but at the same time kept spreading knowledge of Scrum all over the world and helped to apply it at hundreds of groups and organizations. Currently Jeff serves as the President of the Scrum Inc., President of the Scrum Foundation and senior advisor to investment funds OpenView Venture Partners.


Joy Kelsey

I have over 30 year’s experience in the software industry from a developer through trainer, consultant, Development manager and Engineering manager. I have used different SDLC and methodologies the most recent in the last 10 -12 years has been Agile – although I used iterative development and minimum useable subset for many years as a software developer in the 80’s in IBM as this was the best way to ensure customer satisfaction was guaranteed. As a Software Development Manager I have looked after teams of 4 – 30 looking after their professional and personal development as well as project managing the development of the products and both introducing Agile/Scrum and coaching/mentoring teams.


Jurgen Appelo

@jurgenappelo http://www.jurgenappelo.com/

Jurgen Appelo is a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, developer, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, and… Dutch guy.

Since 2008 Jurgen writes a popular blog at www.noop.nl, that covers topics including Agile management, software engineering, business improvement, personal development, and complexity theory. He is the author of the book Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders, which describes the role of the manager in Agile organizations. And he wrote the little book How to Change the World, which describes his new supermodel for change management. He is also a speaker who is regularly invited to talk at business seminars and conferences around the world.

Jurgen is CEO of the Happy Melly, and co-founder of the Agile Lean Europe network (for Agile & Lean thinkers and practitioners in Europe) and the Stoos Network (focusing on change agents for organizational transformation).

Kate Terlecka

Kate Terlecka

@kateterlecka http://brasswillow.pl/

That Scrum girl, fascinated by people - cultures, languages, perceptions and diversity. Teaches, coaches and helps change organizations. Works according to agile values every day. Supports local small and ethical businesses.
As the founder of Brass Willow works with multiple companies on their agility, helping to change something in the rigid and crooked IT world.


Krzysztof Jelski

@krzysztofjelski http://agile.waw.pl/

Krzysztof is a software developer and an agile coach. He both keeps his technical abilities sharp and leans towards business side of software development to see the bigger picture. Passionately helps teams improve the way they collaborate and deliver. Recently he started a business of reselling great e-learnings on agile development practices at agile-elearning.pl.

Jan Zborowski Paweł Stawicki Łukasz Żuchowski

Łukasz Żuchowski, Jan Zborowski, Paweł Stawicki

@softwaremill https://softwaremill.com/


His job and passion is finding solution for business problems. Lukasz solves those with logic, Java language and a handful of frameworks. He graduated from the Technical University of Lodz. During his career he’s been working on various types of applications from domain registries to financial services.

After hours – husband, father of two little daughters and board games geek.


A programmer by profession and passion.His adventure with programming started with a Timex 2048 computer and Basic in childhood. Professionally he started programming in C++, later switching to Java. He has been developing web applications in Java, Ruby and Scala.

He likes to use bicycle to get around the city and in his spare time he runs, swims or sails.

With SoftwareMill from the very beginning. The first normal person among the geeks, he connects the IT world with the non-IT surroundings.

At the company, Jan takes care both of the finance and formalities.

Privately good food lover and traveler.


Malcolm Peacock


Started work in the 80's developing financial number crunching systems on IBM mainframes and then progressed into project management. Always felt there was a better way than the tedious process surrounding traditional waterfall projects and long been a champion of delivering small, deliver often.

Saw the SCRUM light when my current company (TotalJobs Group) moved from Prince 2 to SCRUM, some 4 years ago. Loved being part of the companies agile transformation and proud of the way the process has evolved and grown. A massive fan of iterative delivery and the application of metrics to provide feedback.


Marcin Czenko

@redgreenref https://redgreenrefactor.eu/

Marcin Czenko is Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP) practitioner since 2007. He mastered his Scrum and eXtreme Programming skills in world’s top engineering organisations like Philips Research Software Engineering Services (one of the first eXtreme Programming groups in the Netherlands) and Motorola Electronics. In 2009 he defended his Ph.D. in the area of computer security at the University of Twente,Enschede, The Netherlands. Since 2011 he works as a consultant and coach providing agile training and consultancy services in UK and all around the world. Being active member of Scrum and eXtreme Programming communities, he regularly participates as a speaker in various events and meetups. Along his work as a trainer and coach, Marcin remains an active developer, working on his own products and supporting partners in the product development.
In February 2011 Marcin started his own company Red Green Refactor where he provides training and consultancy services in Scrum, Kanban and eXtreme Programming. A world with less management clutter and better teams of happy developers delivering quality products is the core of Red Green Refactor’s vision.


Marek Kirejczyk

@marekkirejczyk http://elpassion.pl/

Marek is agile manager with strong engineering background. He is cofounder and CTO of software house el Passion and animator of biggest and most active agile community in Poland - AgileWarsaw. Always eager to learn and share knowledge.


Mateusz Srebrny

@mateuszsrebrny http://agiletrainers.pl

Scrum Master, Agile Coach, animator of Agile Warsaw community and AgileByExample conference.

Mateusz helps teams and companies to improve their software development process as an independent consultant since 2010. He has seven-year-long experience of implementing and using Scrum and Kanban.

Most recently he supports 50 C++ developers at 9LivesData in self-organization.


Michał Ostruszka

@mostruszka http://michalostruszka.pl/

Software developer with agile background. Codes mainly on JVM in Java (recently in Scala and JRuby) and JavaScript. Passionate about web applications and creating both their client and their server sides. Test-infected, he crafts his code with TDD, cares about simple design and code quality. A proponent of Agile who believes that there is much more to Agile than just buzzwords. Involved in local Łódź JUG initiatives.


Michał Prządka

@przadka http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=6897579

I work in Millward Brown where I lead an internal software house providing services to the global Millward Brown network. I have a degree in computer science and sociology and my main areas of expertise are product development, project managment and operations. I am an agile/lean enthusiast and active member of the Agile Warsaw community.


Paul Klipp

@paulklipp http://www.paulklipp.com/

Paul Klipp is a seasoned expert in agile software development, starting with Extreme Programming in 2004, Scrum in 2006, and Kanban in 2008. Paul is the founder and an agile coach at Lunar Logic, owner at Kanbanery and the organizer of the ACE! Conference. He has an MBA from the University of Illinois and did post-graduate studies in management of technology at the University of Warwick. He is a Certified Scrum Practitioner (Scrum Alliance) and a certified Kanban Coaching Professional (Lean Kanban University). Paul has studied the Kanban Method with the founder of Kanban, David Anderson. Since 1998, he has managed technology projects on three continents with teams ranging from 2 to 250 developers serving a wide variety of industries. He has spoken at numerous technology conferences on agile and kanban methods. Over the years, he has been invited to speak and consult around the world on various issues related to maximizing the business value of emerging technologies and has taught and coached agile development and project management.


Pawel Brodzinski

@pawelbrodzinski http://brodzinski.com/

Persistent experimenter. Change agent. Whiteboard junkie. Lean and Agile coach. Prolific blogger.

Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer at Lunar Logic.

Believes that trust is essential bit of every successful endeavor and that glass is always half-full.

Pawel Felinski

Pawel Felinski

@pawelfelinski http://www.leanleaders.pl/

Paweł is Agile-Lean trainer, coach and consultant with background in project management.
Known as corporate therapist who has seen many ways that didn’t work and has the courage to call them out when he sees them.

Paweł gained experience in various professions starting from marketing research in a factory of chocolate, through chemical laboratory to air traffic control. He has practiced Scrum since 2006 starting as a team-member, Scrum Master, Agile project manager and finally a coach. He explored various levels of Agile coaching from helping build and grow self-organized teams to supporting Agile transformation and culture change.

Paweł is an experienced trainer not only providing highly interactive workshops, but also working on comprehensive development programs tailored to the needs of organizations and teams. Co-founder of Lean Leaders training initiative with the aim to roll over IT training market in Poland.

Privately, Paweł is a great fan of aviation, mountain trekking and creme brulee. At work, interested in making organizations Lean and teams Agile, Paweł will help you succeed with adaptive software development and show you how to make money with Scrum.


Sandro Mancuso

@sandromancuso http://craftedsw.blogspot.com/

Software craftsman, author of Software Craftsmanship: Professionalism Pragmatism Pride and founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC).
Sandro started coding at a very young age but just started his professional career years later, in 1996. He has worked for startups, software houses, product companies and international consultancy companies. Having worked as a consultant for the majority of his career, he had the opportunity to work in a good variety of projects, different languages, technologies and industries.

Currently he is a director and a software craftsman at UBS Investment Bank, where he writes code, look after the quality of the applications, mentor developers and help teams around the world to get better at delivering quality software.


Tom Gilb

@imtomgilb http://www.gilb.com/

Tom is the author of nine published books, and hundreds of papers on Agile and related subjects. His latest book ‘Competitive Engineering’ (CE) is a detailed handbook on the standards for the 'Evo' (Evolutionary) Agile Method, and also for Agile Spec QC. The CE book also, uniquely in the Agile community, defines an Agile Planning Language, called 'Planguage' for Quality Value Delivery Management. His 1988 book, Principles of Software Engineering Management (now in 20th Printing) is the publicly acknowledged source of inspiration from leaders in the Agile community (Beck, Highsmith, and many more), regarding iterative and incremental development methods. Research (Larman, Southampton University) has determined that Tom was the earliest published source campaigning for Agile methods (Evo) for IT and Software. His first 20-sprint agile (Evo) incremental value delivery project was done in 1960, in Oslo.

Tom has guest lectured at universities all over UK, Europe, China, India, USA, Korea – and has been a keynote speaker at dozens of technical conferences internationally.


Tomasz Borowski

@TomaszBorowski http://tbprojects.pl/

I am front-end developer and Javascript enthusiast. With experience in such frameworks as Ember.js, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile and Kinetic.js, I believe in the power of the CoffeeScript caffeine. Apart of developing app front-ends, I also work with Ruby on Rails, where I use a TDD approach to deliver highly reliable solutions.

In my free time, I promote physical activities and organise football trainings for ... other developers :-)

I am big fan of gamification concept. I use Nike Running and Zombies Run apps to stay in good condition and have fun while running. Also, I am creator of YouGame (http://yougameapp.com/) - application that gamifies daily work with project management software. We are using this application in Selleo (software development house), where I work.

Check my website (http://tbprojects.pl/) for more details about me, such as links to my social networks, videos of my talks, my public repositiories and my articles.


Tomasz Lasica

@tlasica http://www.3kawki.pl/

Software developers shepherd helping teams to find their way of building great software.
Creating software since 1998, Agile dedicated since 2008.
Scrum Master and Agile Coach with long programming history.
But still having fun when coding :-)


Tomasz Wykowski

@procognita http://procognita.com/

Tomasz is an independent Agile trainer and coach at ProCognita. He has technical background with experience of working in software projects as developer, configuration manager, quality engineer and project manager. In his projects Tomasz has successfully implemented Agile and Lean culture, utilizing best practices of Scrum, Extreme Programming and Kanban. He's coordinated multinational, multicultural and distributed teams. Owned certificates of Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) allow him to effectively combine traditional techniques with adaptive approach, and select processes and tools that best suits organizations’ needs. Tomasz studies human factor of software development, analyzing how people and their interactions impact the way we make products and how to employ this knowledge to deliver better solutions. He’s always eager to share his knowledge and learn something new by organizing and actively participating in international events and conferences.


Tomek Włodarek

@poddrzewem http://www.poddrzewem.pl/

Tomek is an independent Scrum consultant, trainer and coach. Being involved in software development for his whole professional life - more than 15 years now - Tomek pioneered large scale agile transitions in Poland. Always challenging and thought-provoking, always direct and strict, he assists organizations which dare to change the world with their products and services to reach and maintain a competitive edge. Being pragmatic to the bones Tomek relentlessly refines the match between people, processes, tools and technology, striving for high quality-high value software.


Wiktor Żołnowski

@streser http://www.agileszkolenia.pl/

Agile Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Trainer focused on process improvements and basic technical practices like TDD, BDD, Emergent Architecture and Pair Programming. Author of “Myths and Problems in Agile” and "Agile transformations" books (https://leanpub.com/problemywagile, https://leanpub.com/agile-transformacje) Blogger http://blog.testowka.pl. Initiator of “Bring Your Own Problem” community (http://byop.pl).

During last few years he has been participating and leading couple Agile transitions in various IT organisations. Currently he is co-owner at Code Sprinters (http://www.codesprinters.com) - Agile Consulting company from Poland.