Practice your agility during ABE LeanAgile Dojo Day

It’s official! LeanAgile Dojo is the third day of the conference filled with workshops and open spaces to actually practice agile skills. Learn by doing, meet great agile senseis and step out of your comfort zone.
The Dojo day is included in the standard ABE13 ticket, however there are only 165 seats. First come, first served.
Check the rules for dojo registration…

Rules for dojo registration.

During ABE registration you told us whether you are interested in LeanAgile Dojo on October 18th. Some said “Yes“, some said “No“, some said “Sorry – sold out“. We blocked Dojo registration after 170 people due to lack of rooms and trainers. Further on all registrations with “Sorry – sold out” option are treated as registrations with “No” option.

Around two weeks ago everybody in the “Yes” camp was asked to tell us which four workshops they prefer so that we could optimize the registrations. We got 100 answers out of which 85 were valid – 15 were made by people who either have not paid for the tickets (at that time) or who were not in the “Yes” group. This form was available for a week.

Taking 85 workshop preferences we made some spreadsheet magic and calculated the optimum solution that maximizes your value. We also took into consideration the order in which you registered. The final value of our spreadsheet magic is 1,650,320. Out of 85 people we were able to satisfy 76 morning preferences and 79 afternoon preferences, all remaining people were registered to their secondary preference. There’s only one person registered to both secondary preferences. So far so good.

Thanks to Jakub Nabrdalik from TouK, who is also one of the trainers at ABE13 we created simple web app that we will use for the rest of the registration process. The app is available at At the moment you can check the current status of our workshops (how many free slots are available). And if you are one of the 85 people who said Yes during registration to ABE and participated in voting for preferences you can use email you provided to check which workshops are you registered to. Please do so.

Everybody else won’t be able to login to the system (though you can still check the availability of workshops on the main page). If you see the cat it is not a bug, it means you either didn’t buy ticket with dojo or you did not fill the preference form.

On Monday, October 14th, at 12:00 everybody who registered for Dojo during ABE registration (said Yes when buying the ticket) will be unlocked. You will be able to register to any workshop that is still available. Please do so, as I think we closed registration  for Dojo a little bit too late (170 registered and we have 165 slots available for morning workshop session). Although I know that some people who said Yes will not be going, so it should be ok. But do not hestiate with this registration.

Finally, during the first day of the conference on Wednesday, October 16th, we will announce that all ABE participants can join workshops, depending on their availability. It will be announced after one of the sessions, so better be in the main conference room.

Please remember that this app has been prepared in very short time, so expect some exceptions in the edge cases. In case the major usecases don’t work please contact us at Also, due to no security in the application it is not possible to unregister from a workshop – choose wisely.

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Dojo: Agile Leadership Practices - Management 3.0

by Daniel Skowroński

Management 3.0 is a course, a book, and an approach to inspire team members, team leaders, development managers, IT directors, project managers, Agile coaches, and HR managers, who face the challenge of transforming their organizations to an Agile mindset. It does that by providing guidance and practices, and by applying new thinking to the craft, art, and science of management.

During 3h of workshop we will discuss what is Management 3.0, without going to deep, it is only introduction. However it will cover fundamentals of Management 3.0 and provide you a few concrete practices that you can use in your organization.

So, if you want your workplace to be happy and healthy, what is holding you?

Attend the Management 3.0 3h workshop facilitated by agile coach Daniel Skowroński, MGT 3.0 certified trainer.

Dojo: Test Driven Development for beginners (Java)

by Jakub Nabrdalik

Sadly, even today, not everybody uses TDD/BDD in every-day's work. Sometimes it's because of the management, sometimes it's about the team, other times, it's just that you just never had a chance to try it out, or that you feel fine just writing tests after all the coding.
This workshop is for all those people who would like to learn Test Driven Development (and Behavior Driven Development). TDD is easy, but it takes some time to change your mindset. During 3 hours workshop, we will get some theory behind T/BDD, and a few exercises. We will find out how to start it out, how to communicate with specifications, how tests relate to requirements, what is the difference between testing and TDD, how BDD tastes like, what mistakes are most popular, and how to speed up your development, instead of slowing it down.
You will need a laptop with Java, Git, Gradle and some IDE installed. Some basic Java knowledge is expected, but don't worry if you are not an active Java programmer. We will use Spock (and Groovy), as the testing/specification/mocking library, but you don't need to know it beforehand.
Instructions, preparations & repo:

Dojo: Scrum Master Toolbox

by Kate Terlecka

What does a Scrum Master need to be effective in his or her work?

On this workshop we wil discover the most effective and most handy tools a Scrum Master can use:

Physical tools which can be used to facilitate an event, aid learning or managing content.

Various models of human behavior or team development - they are a necessity if you want to understand problems and act on them.

Brainstorming exercises - helpers for you and your team in finding solutions faster and easier.

Conflict? Let's navigate it, not avoid it.

All Scrum Masters, coaches, managers and facilitators are welcome :)

Dojo: Impact Mapping - Creating Software that Matters

by Krzysztof Jelski

Agile has mostly solved the problem of delivering working software efficiently. We are quite good at "creating software right". Now it's time for the trickier part - how to "create the right software". What we want is software that has an impact on our clients' lives or businesses.

Impact Mapping is a great tool to help teams build only what is really needed. It helps by aligning activities of all delivery activities with business goals. It also helps to expose and communicate assumptions. The process itself is visual and collaborative, which works as if you added at least 50 IQ points to each team member.

The session will include a short introduction to Impact Mapping. The practical part will include creating an Impact Map by participants divided into small teams. We'll also see how an Impact Map can help in identifying assumptions and making strategic decisions.


Dojo: A day with a challenging client

by Łukasz Żuchowski, Jan Zborowski, Paweł Stawicki

Simulation-based workshop showing how to manage client relationships.

The goal of the workshop is to answer the following questions:
· How do you discover and influence client expectations?
· To what extent should you involve the client in project team operations?
· What are the most frequent risk factors related to mismanaging a client relationship?
· What are the best practices related to changes in the scope of the product during the course of the project?

Basing on a specific case, in the form of a game, we will lead participants through a project during which they will have the opportunity to encounter the most frequent traps set for us by clients. Next we will discuss the most frequent mistakes and ways of avoiding them, based on our own experience gained while carrying out projects to date.

Dojo: Acceptance Test Driven Development

by Marcin Czenko

Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) is a collaborative requirement discovery approach in which product delivery is driven by automated tests.

The Acceptance Test Driven Development workshop will provide you with both theoretical background and practical experience of ATDD.

When will you benefit the most from this workshop?

You want to learn how to improve the predictability of your planning, improve your definition of done, and effectively increase quality of your delivery. You want to learn how Business (i.e. Product Owner) can communicate with Development Team in a less ambiguous way, with high level of traceability not only in-between iterations but also inside iterations. You want to get rid of surprises, so that you know what works and what does not - at any time.

Who should attend?

The workshop is great for Developers, Managers, and anyone who wants to learn about Acceptance Test Driven Development. Programming experience is not required, although will be helpful.

Please visit for the workshop details.

Dojo: Test Driven Development (Rails)

by Marek Kirejczyk

New versions of operating systems are released couple times a year. Autoupdates runs in our phones every day.

Big web application like Facebook or Wordpress are updated with new versions hundreds times a day! Each bug is a potential huge PR and money loss to a company. How IT companies are able to cope with this massive scale of change? No test team could handle it. One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is TDD. Learn or improve your TDD, pair programming and refactoring skills in this short workshop.

Dojo: User Story Mapping

by Mateusz Srebrny

A prioritized product backlog helps you understand what needs to be done in what order. When it comes to understanding the whole system simple backlog doesn’t give you a clue. Backlogs having hundreds of stories are simply not manageable. To quote Jeff Patton, the creator of User Story Mapping technique, big flat backlogs are just bags of context-free mulch :)

User Story Map arranges a backlog into a structure. Such structure reflects system functionalities, allows planning releases really bringing value and helps spotting omitted features. It is a great tool enabling the entire team to understand the big picture of the emerging product.

This workshop will allow you to understand and practice user story mapping technique. Starting from an example product description we will discover user stories and arrange them into a User Story Map. Finally we will plan the example product’s releases to demonstrate our story maps can be really useful :)

This workshop will be delivered by Mateusz together with Tomasz Łasica.

Dojo: Conflict Facilitation

by Pawel Felinski

Conflict is a healthy state of team. Each mature and self-organized team should be able to deal with it on their own using the situation as a learning and growing opportunity. As a leader, Scrum Master, but also a team-player, you can develop skills that help you navigate your team through a conflict.

During the workshop you will learn what conflict is, how it is expressed and how you can facilitate it instead of manage. You will practise deep democracy techniques that help you and your team prevent conflict or navigate through it when it occurs. Eventually, you will be able to exchange experiences with other participants of the session.

Dojo: Get Kanban with the GetKanban game

by Tomasz Lasica

Playing is the best way for learning new things. When I introduced Scrum in 9livesdata we have baked an apple pie for the whole company (50 people).

Let’s play a nice board game to feel the principles and mechanics of Kanban method.

What you can expect:
* short introduction to the Kanban
* playing in a team to maximize net profit from building simulated software product
* a little bit competition
* an unique chance to discuss your observation with other players

This workshop will be delivered by Tomasz together with Mateusz Srebrny.

Dojo: System Thinking – The Beer Game

by Tomasz Wykowski

Have you ever dreamed about working in the beer industry? About delighting your customers with every single bottle you deliver? If so, this workshop is meant for you. Join us to try yours skills in managing a beer delivery system of your favorite brand.
Uh, by the way, we will also talk about what beer has to do with software (and it has a lot). We will look at common challenges of managing complex system (just like beer delivery or software development), and discuss how we can address them. Finally, we will learn, what is System Thinking, and gain new perspective on solving problems we encounter.
Target audience: This workshop is intended for people responsible or interested in understanding and managing complex system, such as software development, especially executives, directors, leaders, managers, ScrumMasters, Product Owners, quality engineers and project managers.

Dojo: Business Value Game

by Wiktor Żołnowski

How do you prioritize your features and stories?

Agile teams want to deliver maximum business value. That’s easy if the Onsite Customer assigns business value to each story. But how does the Customer do that? How can you estimate business value?

How do you decide between stories? How do you decide between projects? How do you decide between clients?

This game gives you some simple business value estimation techniques that are “good enough” for everyday use.

Teams of ‘businesspeople’ have to make plans for their development team. The goal of the game is to earn as much money as possible. This game is a complement to the XP Game: how do these ‘business value points” on the XP Game story cards get chosen?

During that workshop you will learn about Business Value, business­driven development, how to maximize value, how make good decisions in terms of choosing right stories to implement, and choosing between clients or stakeholders?

If there will be enough time I will also explain how Behavior Driven Development works and how to connect it with Business Value and Cynefin.